Keeping your family cool this summer!

The crazy humidity of the summer is back …
A good time to pull up a previous post “Keeping Your Family Cool This Summer!”

On a serious note please do not take your animals anywhere when it is this hot and humid out, they are much happier at home (unless you are taking them to somewhere with AC!), ensure you are drinking enough fluid – especially children, pets and seniors.

Also as a reminder please do not have unrealistic expectations for your AC today – meaning keep it at the temperature you always keep it at. The more you lower the temperature the harder it is for your AC to keep up and it could over work and may cause it to burn out.

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Keeping your family cool this summer goes beyond the services we can provide such as Air Conditioners…

Chatelaine has an excellent article which I thought many of our customers could benefit from.

Click here to read the article on their site – 12 cheap ways to keep your cool this summer

12 cheap ways to keep your cool this summer

Staying cool during a long, hot summer can be pricey. Here are 12 ways to keep costs down during a heatwave

  • By Caroline Cakebread Wed Jun 22 2011

If you thought last summer was too hot, then I’m sorry to say you’re not likely to get much relief this year. Environment Canada is predicting yet another hotter-than-normal June, July and August for Canada. So if you can’t take the heat, you’d better come up with a plan to stay cool. But beating the heat doesn’t have to mean cranking the…

View original post 639 more words

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